Contribution and Testing

I would love to make it better. Please fork, branch, and push.

Please make new features/improvements against the develop branch. If you are patching a bug or providing a fix of some sort that can be made against the master branch. For larger features, please create your own feature branch first before you make the pull request.


You can safely ignore the devel branch which is old and stale but has something in it I can’t remember why I’m saving it. Call me a hoarder.


You can run the tests by installing the requirements and then executing

$ pip install -r tests/requirements.txt
$ ./     # against your currently installed version of Django
$ tox               # against the entire array of Django/Python versions

This method using py.test for test discovery and will also run flake8 for code formatting. If you would like to use Django’s own test runner you can execute:

$ ./ --django